• Cars

    Monitoring from a car or entire car fleets

  • Trucks

    Monitoring of trucks, truck fleets, campers

  • Motorcycle

    Monitoring of motorcycles

  • Taxis

    Monitoring of taxis

  • Construction equipment

    Monitoring of expensive construction machinery

Trackportal offer you a professional GPS live tracking solution developed in Switzerland for your car / motorbike / camper / sailboat / motorboat up to entire vehicle fleets. Our reliable and comprehensive software solution offers you a multitude of options. Live GPS Tracking, Missing Vehicles, Geofencing, Alerting. Points of interest, landmarks, automated reports, track record, consumption statistics and many more features. Together with our GPS tracker with integrated 2G / 3G modules and in the future also with an app solution you are prepared for the future. Our many years of experience in GPS tracking provide you with an incomparable all-in-one solution.


Allows you to view the exact location of a person or your vehicle fleet and view it on a map. You can use geofencing to set regions and when they leave or enter, an alarm will sound automatically


Our professional positioning system records exactly all journeys, the driving hours and the distance traveled, including stops and travel times. You can analyze everything and include it in a cost analysis


Trackportal allows you to create detailed reports to analyze the efficiency of your vehicles in use. Reports can be dynamically tailored to your needs and, for example, exported as Excel.


Geofencing can be used to create regions on the map. Trackportal immediately alerts you when a vehicle or person enters or leaves a geofence.