• Construction machinery

    Monitoring the application area of construction machinery

  • Rental vehicles

    Monitoring of rental vehicles

  • Value transports

    Monitoring of value transports

  • Children

    Monitoring of children (way to school, playground)

  • Persons

    Finding and bring back confused and disoriented persons, such as with dementia

Personal localization offers a variety of uses. In the field of sports, cyclists, runners or hikers can locate themselves to provide the position live to a third party or to optimize their own training session.

Another application is the location of people with dementia. This, of course, with regard to legal and ethical acceptability. Dementia patients often remove themselves from their usual environment and then no longer find their own way back. There are several ways to give them and their loved ones a sense of security, and GPS Tracking is a simple solution that works.

The alerting option supported by our application can notify a third party when leaving a defined area. This can contribute significantly to the safety of persons.